Sunday, March 16, 2008

John and I relax in Rota

A couple days ago, John and I had a VERYYYYY Spanish day in Rota. Spaniards are all about chillin' and we did just that.

First, we went for a walk along the beach. Not far from the gate to the base. It looked a lot like San Diego to me. Low waves, fine sand, boardwalk, then overpriced homes and cafes and resteraunts. I was struck, however, by the cleanliness!! It was imaculate by CA standards.

We stopped at a place called Ruta 66. Yes- that is supposed to sound American. The reason why, is it is the only place along the boardwalk open at 12:30- American Lunch time. Spaniards go to lunch starting at 3!!! I know this, because you cannot possibly get off base at that time. That is when all the Spaniards are leaving for their lunch.

So, we had a couple small sandwiches (what they LIVE on here) and Tinto (red wine mixed with sparkling citrus water).

Then we got nice and lost before we found
the plaza I went to with my class. I had wanted to visit a pastry shop there. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOps- forgot the siesta!! They closed at 1:30 and would not open until 5!

Fine. We walked to the front of the
Castillo de la Luna where there is a cafe. We people- watched or dog watched really. I saw more dogs than people at that time. Must be dogwalking time. John had a cafe con leche (expresso and milk) and I had a cafe solo (expresso). There is a big fountain there, and we just chilled- Spanish Style!

After a LOOONG time, we left, and I remembered that there is a tourist office in the Castillo I have questions for, as the
Semana Santa (Holy Week full of parades and music) starts next week. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOps- still siesta-ing. Jeez, time-wise we are so OFF!

So we went to Carre-four Express, which is the smaller version of the
Carre-four store that I maintain is the coooolest ever (the reason I will never miss Target).

Then we finally returned to the base, as it was dinner time to us- about 4 hours early to the Spaniards. We stopped at Pizza Villa and had, well, Pizza! I wanted Marinara sauce for my garlic bread, and the Spanish chef treid to give us mayonnaise!!! He had never heard of Marinara sauce. And he works at a pizza/pasta shop. Lovin it.

Before we came home, we met up with some friends- Juan and Tiffany- to go to a garden place to shop for plants and patio furniture. This place is HUGE! I must take pics of some of the stuff they have- so cool.
I picked a table that is $300 without chairs, and we decided to wait.
Plants first.

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