Sunday, March 16, 2008

David Letterman and Hockey

You know how I lament constantly that Hockey does not get its dues?

Well it seems that David Letterman had some ideas to get it more mainstream.

Keep in mind that this list is from 1995!!

(Ugh, the year I graduated!)


Top 10 Ways to Make Hockey More Exciting

According to David Letterman


10. During playoffs, players dress up as their favorite Ice Capades character
9. Canadians must play in bare feet

8. All penalty minutes must be served sitting next to that guy who played "Doc" on "The Love Boat."
7. Just barely visible under ice: frozen body of Walt Disney
6. Replace Zamboni with Ford Bronco
5. Your New Jersey Devils starting goalie--Miss Katharine Hepburn
4. New snack bar item: player's missing teeth dipped in fudge
3. Every team roster must include one lesser known cast member from "The Love Boat"
2. Only guys named Stanley get to wear a cup
1. Let Michael Jordan take a crack at it
Have you seen what the royals are up to lately?

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