Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Seven

Sunday Seven Ways to Eat in Spain
1) Do it LATE! Breakfast at 10, Luch at 3, Dinner at 9, clubbing at 1AM ( and all those times are early!!!)
2) Love them sammiches. I cannot remember or find online for the life of me what they are called, but they are ALL you find places. It is a mini baguette of fresh bread, meat(usually ham), and cheese if your lucky- AND THAT'S IT!
3) Wine for lunch, beer with dinner, liquer if you dare--- It is WAY stronger here than U.S.
4) Tapas- nothing but appatizers! Yummy! Usually cold cuts, potato salad made with olive oil rather than mayonnaise, and the Spainsh Tortilla.
5) When you go with friends, you split the bill as to how many there are of you- NEVER seperate checks- very rude. You pay more now, but you pay less another time. Must be Spainish Culinary Karma.
6) Ham- even vegetarians eat it here- NO KIDDING! You better love ham!!!
7) Planning on eating after a bullfight? Guess what you will be eating. That's right! The main star!! And no piece goes unserved- NO PIECE! Even the tail is a delicacy! All the surrounding resteraunts have the bull on the menu that night.

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