Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Guess What I Did!!!!!

I had my first stick shift lesson.
Well, I had tried to learn many years ago, and I could never get more than a few feet with out stalling. Today, I drove around a parking lot for a few minutes.
Then I drove from our house to my where my classes will be and back!!
It was so exciting! I only stalled a couple times. And I made that horrible grinding sound when you do the gears wrong a few times too, but that is OK, because John does it too.
I even went through a couple round abouts. I do not like those things with a manual transmission, but I think I would be fine, if it were an automatic.
The only thing is, I do not know how someone can remember what to do with their feet, what gear they are in, where they have to go, pay attention to the road and traffic, and watch their speed ALL AT THE SAME TIME!
I did OK. But it will be scary my first time I drive alone.
Next week, I start class at night while John is working,
so I have to get it all down this week!!

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