Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Marches On

Front Yard

When we first moved into this house, the flowers in the front yard were tiny and widely spaced. Now thaey are so fluffy, you can hardly see the dirt between them anymore. They were put in by our gardener, so I don not know what any of them are, but I am pretty sure there is a small rose plant at the very end. It has thorns, so that is my guess.

They are going to get much, much larger than this, but I am so happy I have even been able to keep them alive. I have never groen flowers of any kind before.

In the 2 front windows (which are bedroom windows) there are flower boxes. Those flowers I picked. I have never had window boxes before either. So wish them luck.

Back Yard

My lilies are getting big. There a few that have not come out and I am thinking that they were probably bad bulbs. I am going to wait until the plants start to flower, then I will buy lilies plants that are already that size to replace the dead ones.

John and I have finally decided where the herb garden is going to go. It is going to be a circle with a birdbath in the middle.

I plan on getting to work on that very soon.

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