Sunday, March 16, 2008


We went back to the garden place on Friday.

We spent 111
Euro (about $150) on plants, herbs, flowers, flower boxes, pots, and soil.

Of course that was not enough, so today we went to the exchange and bought more soil, pots, and also a shovel, hoe, borders that look like bricks, and of course the new Stargate Movie!!

I want to put the herbs in the ground in the backyard. We have naturally AMAZING soil under all those weeds!! I wondered about it, but in my class, our leader said that the land the base is on now had been farmland for like a gazillion years- figures! She said that you will never have better tomatoes or oranges than the ones grown on this base because of that.

Maybe in years to follow, I will care to try veggies or fruit, but for now, I'm satisfied with my herbs.

I have some flowers and plants and lavender in pots, then I have thyme, rosemary, marjaram, basil, purple basil to go in the ground. Luckily I am such a herb nut that I know exactly what they are- because the Spanish names are nothing like ours. Kinda wierd, as I though we all went off the latin names. Oh well.

Easter Sunday is a
Running of the Bulls in a nearby town. It is not as big as the one in Pampolona, but we will definately be going to see how it all goes down. We are going with Juan and Tiffany. I will be taking notes, as I intend to participate before I leave here. John says he can't, as it is against Navy Rules to be an idiot or something like that.
Baby. ;0)

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