Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Walk it out!

I have started walking- far. I usually go around 7:00 PM, because it is less hot at that time. And I sweat like a pig otherwise.
I bought new shoes that have the LITTLE SENSOR in them that hooks up to your iPod nano, and it tells you on your iPod your distance, your speed, and your time. You can set goals or just set it to record how long you go. It basically tells you everything a treadmill does.
I love it! It is so easy to use. Now when I get back from a walk, I can plug in my nano and it will automatically send all my data to a website that tracks all my walks and graphs them! You can see the site HERE. You can go there and see how well I am doing. For now, I am just walking to the Exchange and back, which is just over 5 miles. I hope to have days where I eventually go twice that.
I have to start training for my CAMINO.

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