Friday, June 6, 2008

My Bday

It was a great day! John made me steak and eggs and we ate in the backyard, because it was so nice outside. He bought me a gorgeous floral arrangement and a watch and a card. We did not have candles for the cake, so John lit tealights around it and sang to me. We had planned on going out that night, but the time got away from us as we sat by the fire in the backyard. Then we went for a walk and John gave my wedding ring (gasp!), so I am finally married! It was all very romantic at 1 AM at the playground by the water reflecting all the lights from the boats in the harbor. And as Lancelot told you in the previous post, John finally said yes to another kitty!!!! It couldn't have been any better!

My flowers! See how the base is big leaves instead of a vase or stand! I love it! It looks like artwork!

My new watch and ring.

My cake!!

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