Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Waste Your Wednesday

I thought the best way to waste a Wednesday was the PAINTING,
but I think this newest site is even better!!!
I dare you not to waste the next couple days on this baby. Just experiment with everything and realize you can use the choices at the bottom to change your "drawing tool" and rate that things happen.
Play HERE!


Sharon said...

That's quite the game Jenn! Evidently I'm not very good because I couldn't make anything. LOL!


Jenn here: said...

Hehe. I just like the way it looks when it falls.

It really is amazing how many different ways there are to waste time on the internet!


Laura said...

Oh my gosh - that is the coolest! Have you ever seen the sand artist who designs with her hands? Check out this video on You Tube

She is amazing! If the link doesn't show up, do a google search on sand art. She has a website too.

Jenn here: said...

That video is great. It is amazing how she controls it, and it's so relaxing to watch! And I love that song!! Thanks!

Nino said...

very good. pointless, but very interesting.