Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Memento Mussel Soup

I have been craving soup even during the last hot few days. And I have been looking for a reason to go to the fish market again (since we are still grill-less *heavy sigh*). Looking around, I found a food blog from an illustrator in Madrid!
See her Spanish Recipes HERE!
This one just called out to me to be made!
I will let you know how it comes out.

Memento mussel soup
2kgs mussels, cleaned and debearded
100 gr. or so of chistorra, or any other cooking chorizo
a bunch of spring onions, or three shallots
2 cloves of garlic, minced
4 smallish tomatoes, grated (or a 1/2 kg. tin, which will give you more liquid, and lucky you)
salt, pepper, dried oregano to taste
1 tablespoonful flour
300 ml or so of liquid (white wine, beer or both)
olive oil
Creme fraiche, or any thick cream
Begin by sauteeing the chistorra in olive oil in a big pan that will hold all the mussels later, until it´s released its fat and it´s beginning to crisp up. Add the spring onions. After a couple of minutes, add the tomatoes and garlic. None of this has to cook down a lot, but give it a couple of minutes, too. Now add the flour and stir til it dissappears, and stir it around for a bit more so it won´t taste raw.
Pour in the liquid and stir until it´s thickened and the alcohol has evaporated. Throw in the mussels, cover, and, taking the pan in your mittened hands that are also clamping down the lid, give it a good shake. Do this again a couple of times (males of the species are good for this job. recruit one).
Check after three minutes. If there are a lot of unopened shells, leave it another minute. Now serve in big deep bowls, as many mussels as you can, plenty of the soup and a blob of sour cream (with chopped parsley or chives if you have them, for prettiness). Put a big salad bowl for the shells on the table, alongside some hot sauce. As people eat, their bowls will be ready for more, so top them up.
Serves 4 as dinner, with fresh bread, or 8 more timid souls as a starter.

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