Friday, July 25, 2008

Dog-fish out of water

Last night, Enigma did not sleep at all. He has been breathing laborously again. His heart medication had been working so well. Now, today he is making gasping sounds just sitting still. But he is playing and barking and eating.
I called the vet and he said either he just needs to up his medication or he has fluid in his lungs. So we are going in at 3:15 to find out what is up.
Problem: Still no car.
I don't know how we are getting there yet, but we are. Especially with the weekend coming up, I don't want have to go to an emergency vet tonight. The doctor said to just keep an eye on his gums to see if they start turning blue. I said NO WAY- we are coming in.
Of course, since I hung up with the vet, Enigma has stopped gasping, but we are still going. Here that lil dog? So you better gasp for the nice vet!
Wish us luck. Hopefully he just needs more mg of his heart medication.


Sharon said...

Isn't that the way Jenn? Just as soon as you call the vet they get better. But if you didn't call, Enigma would end up being in terrible shape. And it almost always happens on the week-end!

My best to Enigma. This has to be so hard on him. You too. I hope you find a way to the vets and he is okay!

Anonymous said...

Poor Enigma! Hopefully he will gasp nicely for the vet and they'll figure out what's going on. Poor little dog :-(