Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hating Cars and Loving Cats

Peek a boo

Still no car. Now they say Friday. Friday night! Arg!

John and I have plans to go back to Cadiz this weekend. That is what is keeping me sane for now. Last time we went, my camera ran out of juice, so I hope to get some better pictures. I love that city--the prettiest I have seen so far.
I only hope we have this car thing situated by then. Still no definate word on my scooter yet. We keep having to call people to call people to get the registration figured out. Spain's office hours are a funny, funny thing.
At least I have these guys to play with. They just got a big package from their Catster friends (Boogers and family) for their birthdays. It has been a Gato Fiesta all day.



Sharon said...

What a pain, huh? Hopefully you'll be scootin' along soon enough Jenn!

Looks like Lancelot and Mago aren't any worse for the wear. I could just see one of them in a basket on the back of a scooter. lol!

Laura said...

You've got to admit, playing with cats is better than getting stuck in traffic on a hot summer day! Hope you get the car/scooter soon! Kiss those cute kitties for me!

Crafty Green Poet said...

they look like lovely cats to entertain you!