Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Grilling Highs and Lows

Happier Grill Times in Maryland

John and I have always grilled out very often. It is healthier and yummier and I only have to make the side dishes. Finally, John decided that the grill we had-which was about as big a large skillet, had to be very dangerously proped up for the gas to work, and always burned everything on one side-should be replaced.

We found the one we liked, read: big and shiny, outside the Navy Exchange. It was already put together, and it was beautiful. Problem! There was no way that it was going to fit in our 2 door Cavalier.

We could have come back for it when we had a chance to call a friend with a truck, but John had already decided it was a part of the family, and leaving it there was not an option. So I drove home.

And John walked the new baby the two blocks from the store to the house. He just lifted the one side, so it sat back on its 2 wheels, and he pulled it behind him. Proud Parent he was! What a better way to tell the neighborhood that you have ARRIVED in large grill territory than to parade it in front of everyone...literaly!

Now, it is a sad, negelcted child. They use different gas here in Spain. So we bought the converter. Although you can refill your tank at any gas station, you have to buy the 1st one from a certain place where you sign a contract. It has a been a real pain to find out all the info on this, because most people here get their tanks from someone who is leaving.

It doesn't matter anyway. I know that the day we actually know where to go, have all our paperwork in hand, take the right amount of Euro, actually find parking in Rota, on that day: the place will be closed!


Sharon said...

That's too bad Jenn. John must be very disappointed. A man who grills likes a big one, no doubt! Hopefully things will work out eventually, or before the summer is over.

Cara said...

Wow. Way to go with the positive thinking there Jenn!

Laura said...

Nothing is easy in Spain, is it? I can just see the proud new owner walking that grill down the street! All he needed was an apron and a chef's hat!