Friday, July 18, 2008

Our 1st (Spanish) Car

Wow, I went from Tuesday until Friday without a post. What a bad blogger I am!
And here I am STUCK at the house, between cars.
We get the new car on Monday (finally!!!!!), after 6 months of renting and borrowing. This car thing has been a huge disaster (John's car is still in Bahrain and may not be shipped now that we are outside the 6 month window. If so, then he will sell it).
I am so happy that at least part of this is finally over.
Now if I can just get my scooter! There is a problem with the registration. The old owners canceled it before they knew we wanted it, so it can't just be transferred.
I vote we go back to horse and buggie.


Sharon said...

Good luck on the car Jenn! Jeeze what a hassle.

I would love a Scooter! It's amazing how popular they are becoming. The other day I saw a white and hot pink one. . . just my style ; )

Jenn: said...

Thanks Sharon. The cabin fever is driving me batty!