Saturday, August 9, 2008


It means Ice Cream. The Spaniards love to come on base for 2 things: Baskin Robbins Ice Cream and Pizzaria Pizza. They say it is better than the stuff out in town, but I liked my strawberry cone. It was very creamy and more milk-tasting than BR31 (as they are known now).

I love/hate to go out on weekend nights. IF we find parking, it is great, but there have been a couple nights, we have given up and went home. It is that difficult.
What I love about going out is all the people out in the streets. It is super crowded. And I don't mean crowded like Main Street in HB with teens and hoochie-mamas. Although there are some of those too, it is mostly whole families. And it is great how all the kids and babies are up and walking around with ice cream cones at midnight! People watching is the best here.


slashdotmad said...

thanks for your comment, I really enjoyed looking through both of your blogs, especially that Spain is one of my future dream destinations. Parking is always that part of going out I would rather skip too, even is New Zealand's population is not that big compared, everyone seems to be out and about on weekends...

Laura said...

Your cone looks much yummier than the vanilla DQ one I had today!

A New England Life said...

"Teens and hoochie mamas" ... that cracks me up, Jenn! I know exactly what you mean.

We went out for ice cream last night too! Vanilla soft serve cone for me just like Laura : ) With chocolate Jimmies. You went out on a limb with the Strawberry.

Looks like a lovely evening for you and John.


david mcmahon said...

I'm off in search of one now, Jenn!