Monday, August 11, 2008


It means stars.
Tonight, Johna and I went stargazing.
We saw Jupiter, Cassiopeia, and some others.
We also found the different seas on the bright side of the moon.
Our binoculars showed the moon fantastically.

Lyra, the biggest constellation, was right over head. And it contains one of the brightest stars, Vega (which of course just reminds me of Pulp Fiction). It is supposed to be the Greek musical instument, but I found the other mythological interpretations of Lrya more interesting.

In Australian Aboriginal Astronomy, Lyra is known by the Boorong people as the Malleefowl constellation. A Malleefowel is a bird related to a chicken.

And Lyra was known as Urcuchillay by the Incas and was worshipped as an animal deity. Uruchillay was worshipped by herders and believed to be a multicolored llama who watched over animals.


Laura said...

Very cool, Jenn! We can see a lot of stars where we live because we're out in the country a little, and there aren't so many city lights. It is fun to star gaze!

Marina said...

Someone recommended your blog via cinchouse.
We have orders for spain. Im from norcal, living in VA, spain by the end of the year. :)
I love your blog- hoping to do something similar when I go.
I'd love to ask you some questions
If you're open to it, im momo on cinchouse or
allmightymo at hotmail dot com

Hope all is well!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Astrology is a wonderful part of life. Very interesting post.

Crystal Jigsaw

p.s. came from David McMahon

Cara said...

Where has Jenn gone? Did Lyra come to take her away to the stars?