Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kitty Beds!

Have you shopped Etsy? It is all handmade items. Great for the person who has everything. There is some beautiful artwork there too.

I am especially happy to say that fellow blogger, Laura, has her own store there! She makes adorable kitty and doggie beds! They are very cute, and she assures me she is looking for Harry Potter fabric (YES!).
So far, the one at top is my favorite. It's called That 70's Bed!

So check out her store HERE and think about buying one. She does have six cats to feed ;0)

Good Luck Laura!!


Laura said...

You are so sweet to put my Etsy store in your blog! Thank you very much, Jenn! And the search continues for the HP fabric!

Jenn: said...

No problem. I hope it all goes very well!