Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Flowers and New Car

Sorry for the long absense. Internet troubles continue. No end in sight, so I am braving that as I type and upload pictures that it will not toss me off.

As you know we finally got a new car. Well, it is broken now. No go.
The alternator needs to be replaced.
Horse and buggy- here I come!!

Our gardner likes to plant flowers and things without letting us know at all what his plans are. Suddenly, we will go outside and notice something new. When he planted these babies in the front, I had no idea they were there, and they were so small, I did not notice them for a couple days and so I did not water them! Ooops! Well, they came back, so no harm done.


Marina said...

dude, your lawn is nice! Does someone maintain it for you guys or is it your responsibility?

Laura said...

Dang, after waiting that long for your car, and now it is broken? Bummer! Pretty pink flowers! All mine have died in this heat (and my lack of watering them hasn't helped)!

A New England Life said...

Jeeze Jenn, what a pain! Brent just had to have an alternator put into his car this past week so we know it's not cheap! Hope you get it fixed soon.

Lovely little flowers! They must be hardy too ; )

Jenn: said...

Marina: Haha! It is actually yellow in some places because of the heat (and our intermitent watering), but it was new sod put down last winter, which is why it is so fluffy. It feels like shag carpet.

The car's new part comes on Friday. I am just hoping thi sis it for a while. Fingers crossed.