Tuesday, September 30, 2008

John The Liberator!

The other day John came home from work early in the morning and came through the side door. It is a tricky door, and he didn't close it all the way.

So come 10:30, when I got up, I couldn't understand why it was so QUIET!

I went into the laundryroom to feed the kitties and the laundry door was wide open!

I almost hyperventilated, but when I peaked out the door, both cats were walking up the driveway, apparently ready to come back in. I am guessing they were out for a while if they were happy to just walk back into the house.

Thanks goodness they have collars on!

Now Mago keeps asking if he can go out that door!


One thing they did while out and about was roll all over my Catnip seedlings, squishing them into the patio. *sigh*


Laura said...

Ahhh, cats will be cats. And don't you love how Dad gives them their bad habits? Mago will keep bugging to go out that door! It happens around here too!

Jenn: said...

No way, Laura! Even at your house? I feel a lil better.

I just KNEW something was wrong when it was so quiet. John has (for now) stopped using that door.

A New England Life said...

Who knows Jenn, maybe it was the catnip that kept the boys close to home. I would have been freaking out! So glad they are safe and sound.

sillygrrl said...

Ah, those furry little escape artists... I am so glad that they stayed close to home. The photo of the catnip made me LOL.
My boys always want to have a stoll out the front door every morning, Copy cries endlessly just so he can sit on the porch a few minutes per day. I wonder how long Mago will cry by that door...