Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Regional Goodness

Some places just have the best of a certain fruit, and once you have it from there, you never want it from another place.
Hawaii has pineapples!
Have a sweet Hawaiian pineapple and you won't open a can of it ever again. At the Dole plantation, they had pineapple chili. I was skeptical, but it was To Die For! Yummmmmm.

We have cantaloupes.
I never really liked them much from CA or MD. They always seemed like the tasteless filler fruit they stick in something, so they don't have to put more strawberries. But not the cantaloupe from here- No Way!
This stuff is so sweet and juicy, it makes those from home seem more related to toast than fruit!

I have heard that Rota's tomatoes are a long the same caliber, but it is difficult to find ones grown here.
What other places have you been and had a fruit or veggie so yummy, that it can't compare to those found in other regions?


Laura said...

I've had those same Hawaii pineapples, and they are delish! I love canteloupe but it makes the back of my throat itch - must mean I'm allergic! The fruit in Mexico seems extra good too - maybe it's just because I eat it when I'm on vacation. Vacations make everything taste good!

kristi said...

In Europe they have real cantalopes over here we only have musk mellons. They call them cantalopes but no... Maybe that's why they taste so good

Jenn: said...

Laura: Vacations DO make food taste better, but Mexico has THE climate for so many great friuts, I am not surprised.

Kristi: I see you have been watching your Alton Brown!
And that must be it, because the color and smell is SO strong. As sweet as limes are citrusy.