Saturday, September 27, 2008

Prez Debate #1

Ooooooh, what fun! I love, love, love debates!

Going into this debate, I expected to be rather bored as Obama looked inanimate and disorganized next to Hillary, and I expected McCain to look old and slow next to Obama.

Thankfully, I was wrong on both accounts.

I was so surprised at some of the arguments.

And I must say the best thing about this debate, was that they were different on almost every issue, and I that's good!


If you care, as I watched the debate on, I wrote a couple impressions down. Nothing revolutionary. Feel free to add something with actual meaning in the comments ;0) But here it goes:

My bracelet is better than your bracelet. Not the best debate topic.

I am surprised at how strong MCain sounds. He comes across really knowledgeable.

McCain makes Obama sound like a lil boy.
Oh, well, when I was in Pakistan and Afghanistan and in war and lost and was under Regan...blah blah.
Makes Obama sound like he just fell off the turnip truck
OH wait- He did (in senate years that is)

This is the 1st time I have seen Obama look good and sound good. I never saw the "charisma" of Obama's speaking everyone talks about.
I think he will only get better.
Youth wins.

I wish McCain did not have such a left-field VP. I don't get her. I just don't.

It started boring, but got better.
They were both very John Kerry on the 1st couple questions.

I don't think sitting at the table means you love what they do or legitimize them.
Their power legitimizes them already.

Obama does sound like change next to McCain.
McCain sounds a lil stale in his ideas.

Very different dudes. I like it. Good debates a comin.
VP debate should be a slaughter though.
McCain cries on that day- I bet you

Obama: Kissinger said THIS.
McCain: Well when we were disco hoppin in the 70's, he told me THAT.
Obama: Nuh-uh!

McCain: I saw 3 letters in Putin's eyes: KGB

He says no cold war, but it sounds pretty cold to me.

We are in a financial crisis and we are supposed to "rebuild Georgia's economy"?

We NEEEED to all drive non oil cars like NOW.

No YOU don't walk your talk
NO YOU don't walk your talk
Duh- they're politicians.

Do you think we really "are a long way from safe?" (re: 9/11)

EITHER McCain is built weird or his suit doesn't fit.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! McCain just called Obama a Bush-like-stubborn-idiot!!! OMG!!!!
The balls on this one!!!!!

McCain sounds great but looks SOOO old next to Obama.

And he kinda sounds like Bush when he talks.
OMG, what if that VP lady became prez- eeeeeeek!

It took me like forever to stop focusing on Obama's ears.

I miss Hill-Dog!


Laura said...

Love your comments, Jenn! I don't get Palin either and it scares me to think she is that close to the presidency IF McCain wins and IF he kicks it. His suit doesn't fit right because he can't lift his arms past mid-body due to torture he endured as a POW. I loved the bracelet comparison - I wonder who has charms and jewels on their bracelet? LOL!

Jenn: said...

Ah, thanks for clearing up the suit issue. I did not know that.

That bracelet thing was stupid. If I had been either of those mothers, I would have smacked someone!

Kristi said...

Obama's polishing the brass on the Titanic; it's all going down, man.

A New England Life said...

Great comments from everyone. lol! I'm just laughing away.

I didn't watch the debates, though I can't recall why ... maybe because I'd rather watch paint dry than politics. Ignorant, I know.

Palin as Prez about going down! Did anyone see Tina Feys SNL immitation? Those two ladies did a fantastic job in the skit. Another good one to watch was Chris Rock on Larry King.

Glad you were able to sum up the whole debate in the matter of a few thoughtful sentences for me Jenn ; )

Jenn: said...

Sharon: I heard the Tina Fey thing was great, but have not seen it.

About the Chris Rock thing, I decided to do a play by play as well:

A McCaine Joke:
I don't want a prez with a bucket list!

Thank You! So right on this one: I don't understand voting for Hillary but against Obama, because they are so similar- YES!!!!!!!!! I think that ALLLL the time.

Re: Bill Clinton and anti-Obama comments: "If you give me a choice of pissing off a whole race of people OR my WIFE!?!?!?!?"
This man is Einstein-genius!

Nobody cares about the normal guy- he says. I second that! And YOU DO TOO! Don't LIE!

Great one here: "Everytime you let [Palin] talk for more than 4 minutes you start feeling sorry for her." I think that was generous. I give her 30 seconds.

Re: Palin "...all that ass & can't shake it!" HAHAHAHAHAHHA

LOVE LOVE LOVE Chris Rock: "Larry, are you calling me a moose?" GOd, he is brilliant!

"I don't do 1st anything!" He is awesome.

They keep asking Chris Rock about politics. I don't know why.
He SHOULD be writing the next Mars vs Venus book, because I have seen many of his comedy specials and what he gets 100% RIGHT EVERY TIME is relationship issues
....I will say it again...
Relationship Issues:
Chris Rock Knows, man!
Men and women = he will get it right.
Watch it!

Re: Obama- "He is a man first, then he is a balck man." Duh. Why is this even on Larry King. I have never conceived of Larry King as ignorant as he appears in this interview before- oh wait:there was the Pamela Anderson Interview.
But I forgive him of that one: not because she is a woman, but she is an animal loving Canadian: How can you hate ANY animal loving Canadian. SRSLY!