Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rain, Rain, Sweet!!!

It looks like it is going to rain all day! YES!

Not only does it cool us all off and make it feel more like Fall, but I love gray, rainy days! The smell, the breeze, the sound. I throw open all the windows and relax. I should have been born in London or Seattle.

And both kitties love the water, so they still go outside and play on their leashes, which amazes me!


I had the weekend off. It looks like after working almost 10 days straight, I will be finally settling down into my Part-Time schedule. I still work most days, but it looks like mostly 1/2 days.

The job is easy...REALLY easy. But the people have been fun and I love that everyone, absolutely everyone, goes to the gym, so I see all kinds of people on a regular basis, easier to keep up on the gossip that way. Hehe.


Just a note:

Ducks won 1-3 last night and now they are playing Vancouver tonight. I wish I could see it. Vancouver USED to be fun to watch.

Lancelot comes in from the rain finally. "Oh, I'm wet!?!" Hehe.


A New England Life said...

Lancelot you gorgeous thing, you need a raincoat!

It's been raining here for 3 days straight so you would be right at home Jenn : )

Personally I'll take sunshine anyday! Love the picture! Where did you find it?

Glad the job is going well. 10 days straight should not equal part time work.


Jenn: said...

Almost all of my graphics come from