Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lightening and Thunder, Oh My!

We had one heck of a storm. People have been saying it was the worst they have seen for this area in a while. I would have thought we would have lots of storms like this being right on the coast, but apparently it is unusual.
Our houses whistle when the wind is high, and this wind was HIGH! It was at its peak around 2:30AM. The sound was unbelieveable, and I hardly slept. Of course that had more to do with some unhappy pets! The dog was a mess as expected, but even the cats were getting a lil extra snuggly and jumpy when the lightening started.
The wierd thing about this one was that the storm was both hard AND long. The lightening continued until I was at work the next morning. Parts of the base are flooded thanks to the clay soil, and a couple traffic lights are out.
And wouldn't you know it? It was a night I actually remembered to turn on the sprinklers for the lawn!
Well, better go and mop up some more puddles in our lovely 50 year-old gym building.


Laura said...

I'll bet someone got some neat pictures from the lightening storm! My dog, Rocky, is terrified of lightening. And that is why he won't look at a camera. It took me forever to figure out the connection!

Jenn: said...

BOL Laura! So true. Enigma looks away as soon as he sees the camera, because he knows the flash is coming.
He makes for some aweful photos.
I gotta trick him, and in the end I feel bad.