Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hola Una Vez

Sorry I have been away. It seems that when I am bored, I have plenty of time to blog, and when but when I am busy doing things blog-worthy, well, I am too busy to blog it!
I think that is the usual here in the blog-world though.
When I am not working, cleaning, running errands, or signing up for stuff to busy myself on my days off, then I am SLEEPING! As I thought, this job has helped my insomnia a lot, but because it is such different hours, I really don't have a sleep schedule yet.
John and I have every other weekend off together, and I am trying to plan a trip for each one. Also, although it seems I am working a lot, I will soon be working even more. Next week, I am applying for the same position but full-time.
I have lots of great news, but I will try to spread it out ;0)
Stay tuned.

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Laura said...

Have fun on your weekend trip! As I always say, "too much to do, not enough time"! I hope you get that full-time job - good luck!