Saturday, October 4, 2008

Looking For A New Recipe?

This is The Best cookbook I have bought in ages!
I have never been a reader of Food&Wine Magazine, but this cookbook has great recipe after great recipe! It is organized by seasons, then each season has a starter, main course, side dish, and desert section.
I make 1 or 2 things out of it every week!
They are mostly healthy, mostly simple, and mostly all food I actually eat and can buy at a normal grocery store.
And although John and I rarely have wine at dinner, every single recipe has a wine pairing! Never look lost again at a dinner party, eh?
I highly recomend:
Indian Pulled-Chicken Sandwiches p. 228
Crispy Pork Milanese p.247
Lemony Rice Parsley Salad p. 262
And the 3 different chicken marinaides (Vietnamese, Peruvian, and Greek) p. 240


Laura said...

Thanks for the tip - I love it when recipe books have things divided by season!

A New England Life said...

I would say you are an adventurous cook, am I right?

I've never found any cookbook that I have been able to get many recipe's out of. And with my daughters being somewhat picky, choosing what to cook at night can be downright tricky! One thing I DO look forward too when the girls move out . . . more adventurous meals!

Jenn: said...

Laura- Seasonal cooking simultaniously is the way of the Past and Future!

Sharon- I know that having a family can complicate things. John has likes and dislikes and I know what I can push and not push.

For Ex: I increased the hotness of foods lil by lil until he liked spicy foods, but he will never eat a nut in his food.