Monday, October 27, 2008

Malaga Trip: Part 4: Picasso Museum

Who was born in Malaga, you ask?

Well, I happen to have the answer:

Although Antonio Banderas is enough reason to visit a place (was I drooling?), Pablo Picasso makes for an interesting dude as well! ;0)

1st Malaga has the house he was born in. It can be visited, but I was not all that interested, considering the time we had.

Then , there is the Pablo Picasso Museum!!! This place is well worth the small line out front. There are several salons featuring works from Picasso at MANY different stages and eras. Most are donated from his daughter-in-law, some on loan from his grandson.

The paintings are beautiful, of course.

But the small hand sketches will make you stare in amazement. You can see every small important stroke. You can think of later, famous paintings that these sketches helped him build. A couple pieces left me dumbstruck.

ALSO, did you know Picasso did sculpture? Well, you are better than I! I had no idea!

Some looked like ancient goddess worship dolls, but it was the vases that I loved. They were playful and taunting and fun.

I read reviews of the museum that were not particularly flattering, but I would recommend it to any art lover.

It is intimate and fun.


Underneath the museum are ruins from Phoenician, Moorish, and Renaissance times. Surprise surprise!

There is cafe, but it was empty and a bookshop which had books in many different languages.

Unfortunately but predictably, we were not allowed pictures in the museum.

Following are pictures of postcards of actual pieces that we saw in the museum. I imagine this is not all that legal, but I must tell you that this is only a smidgen (my favorites), and you MUST visit the museum to see for yourself!

(click on English)

His Son

His wife. And yes, that IS a tablecloth on her head.

His mistress, or one of them anyway.

I asked John if we could have this awesome vase, and he said Mago would just break it. :0(

I don't know who this is, but it looks like Napoleon to me. Sorta mixed with Davey Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean. No?


Laura said...

I guess Scarlett O'Hara got her drapery dress inspiration from Picasso's wife! And check out the boobs on his mistress - LOL! You got enough culture on that trip to last you a few months!

Jenn: said...

Hehe! I know it looks like she had the same boob Dr as Pamela Anderson, no?

We only had 5 hours there and lunch took over an hour, so we had to really pick and choose what to see. Unfortuantely, we were definately rushed.