Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nails, nails, nails!

The salon on base charges $60 for a full set of acrylic nails!!!! And I have not heard anything good about the place either. I am sure the salons off base are even more, as the euro-dollar exchange rate is killing us! It is about $1.65 to a Euro now.

For these nails, I went to a girl who lives just a couple houses down from me. She learned her nail "art" in Japan. She was showing me some of the designs they do there. The more stylized ones taking around SEVEN HOURS to do! Check it OUT HERE!

Mine took 2 and 1/2 hours. Partailly because she is still new at it, but mostly because they are gel nails (remember those????), which means she puts on a layer, lets it cook, and repeats the steps several times.

They feel strong. The color is actually IN the gel, so it is not going ANYwhere! I love that! However, it is smooth and protected, so I can paint over them and take it off and still have the pink design there - untouched! Rockin'!

She was so embarrassed that it took a while that she did want me to pay her at all!!! But I left her her some money anyway, because I know the stuff she used was not cheap.

She said she did not want to ruin my naturally strong nals, so the gel is a "soft gel" that is supposed to soak off without damaging your nail like acrylics or old gels. I only put tips on a couple fingers that were short from breaking, the rest are just my nail with the gel over it.

She has TONS of different colors and design doo-dads! I cannot wait do them again.

So what do YOU think???


Laura said...

Very cool! I'd hate to show you a picture of my nails right now! I wish I had inherited strong nails. I should drink more milk!

Jenn: said...

It's not the milk Laura. It is genetics.
I hate milk!

And don't worry, mine were looking awefully raggedy before I had them done.

Cara said...

Those crazy Japanese! Your nails look great!

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