Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Photo woes

As you know, I use Shutterfly for my online photo albums. I used to use Yahoo, but they sorta went kapoot. I chose shutterfly.

Until they went and got all cool.

Now I cannot properly name, sort, or otherwise play with photos. I know there is a way, but it aludes me, and I HATE TO LEARN NEW TRICKS! Also, it seems that OLD photo links have become defunct. Well, ain't that convenient!?!

Anyway, there are my gripes. Now here is my news. Most likeley the photos will arrive in the site before the blog entry, but I cannot really figure out how to best name them, so you just gotta wait for the blog to know what you are looking at. Sad. For you. And me.

But we will get through this together. ;0)


kristi said...

Don't worry, we all know that you are the can't-be-done-Jennifer. hehe

Jenn: said...

Tell you what: I will give you my password, and you can make it all pretty for me.
I'll pay you! I am desperate!