Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ronda Trip

John and I took a trip to Ronda! It is about 45 minutes from home. Set in the mountains, there is a natural gorge that separated the new (nuevo) part of the city from the old (viejo) part of the city. There are 3 bridges that cross the gorge. The Nuevo Bridge is still at least 200 years old!

Ronda means round. It was a round city protected by the natural surroundings. Making it a very popular destination for criminals at the time. You could say that it was comparable to the U.S. version of the Wild West.

It is a small, charming, touristy city. The gorge is REALLY amazing to see and of which to understand the history.

They boast of having the oldest still-used Bull ring. Plaza del toros!

Unfortunately, that part of the tour I could not appreciate. Being an animal lover, this part of Spanish culture is not my favorite. The Spanish are soooooo much more than the Bull Fights, but as always it is the unsavory aspects of things that are commercialized.

Most Spanish feel the way I do, by the way.

See all photos HERE ! Be sure to click slideshow on the right.
You really should see them, as most of the pictures of the gorge and bridge are there and not in this post.

Know what this says?


It says Cheese and Ham Boutique

Oh yes!

Now THAT is some yummy culture.

Jenn checking out the view over the gorge.

I am standing on the "new" bridge.

Famous Spanish Tiles

Honestly, the picture does not do it justice.

Various Spanish Painting of a Religious Monk Housing

Who is this guy? I don't know. But he reminded me of Walt Disney. Is it just me?

On to the Main Church...

Like most (all???) large, famous churches in Spain, this one was once an Islamic temple. Here we can see the ancient Islamic text in the architecture of the building.

The church was begun in the Gothic times. Hence the pointed arch in the foreground. However there was so much great damage from the reconquest of the Christians, that the rest was done in the renaissance rounded arched in the background.

In the Church- A painting that includes the 4 horsemen. This is only part of the painting. It is gorgeous!!!

A Bas Relief sculpture of Mary behind the Choir.

Near the end of the church there were a many BEAUTIFUL illustrated books.

This is only one.

Among the books there were a sculpture or 2. This one I felt was so beautiful and emotional. Just loooook at her (him???)!

This is the front of the choir. It is a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE piece put in the very MIDDLE of the church. The word at the time was that it was needed there for acoustics. However, now it is believed that those that were of monetary influence sat in front of the choir and able to see the mass. Those who were "peasants" sat in the back and could only HEAR the mass.

Even now, in Spanish, you say that you will go hear mass. Supposedly, that is from the times that normal people could only HEAR mass, not SEE it.

The Bull Ring

Where we had lunch. It was an "Italian" place. The pizza was awful, tasted frozen. I had swordfish. It was great. The Jamon y melon was tasty!!!!! TRY IT! Sweet and salty!

The new bridge. The window you see under it was once the town prison. Sweet view!!!


Laura said...

What gorgeous pictures! It must be so much fun to explore all these new towns together.

Jenn: said...

Thanks Laura!
Every place I go just amazes me even further.