Monday, November 3, 2008


In Spain, the word drive-thru leaves something to be desired, so they play with the words.

McDonald's becomes:


Burger King becomes:


Honestly, drive-thru is quite the foreign concept here. If you buy a coffee at a coffee STAND, they don't want your money until you have FINISHED it!

And if you go to a tapa bar and order a round of tapas, then some more, then a drink here, then there, then you ask for the bill: It is perfect. Just what your ordered.

It really takes getting used to here.

They don't want your money until you are all done and happy and sat there another 20 minutes. Then MAYBE they will take your money.

Anyway, I have seen a McD, and yes they serve beer but not wine, and I have been to Burger King and it is yummy, but the menu looks funny because they put some side dishes under "tapas". How cute is that??? Srsly?


Laura said...

How funny, Jen! By the way, what are you all driving these days?

Jenn: said...


Ever seen a tin can fly?

We have the same car. We can't go farther than Rota without smoking. And only the driver door opens from the outside, BUT it barely shuts, and lights come on and buzzing sounds and well, the list goes on!

The trips you see are either from a base trip which means a bus ride or WE RENTED A CAR!!!