Sunday, November 2, 2008


Proof we are still married: a photo of both of us!

These are so rare, I just had to post it.

We were on our way out with friends to dinner at a chinese buffet. It was great food, but I still can't get over having to pay sit down prices for chinese food. I am so spoiled by Panda Express! PS-John hates those boots. Hehe.



A New England Life said...

Nice photo Jenn! How come John hates the boots? Because they make you taller than him? lol! Hope you had a nice dinner.

Nice sign too ; )

Laura said...

I love those boots - what do men know about woman's shoes anyway - LOL! Cute picture of the two of you!

Jenn: said...

Sharon: Thanks! And nah, John is used to me be taller than he. At our wedding, I had 3 inch heels----hehe.

Dinner was awesome, but as good as a $6 one at home, but here we probably paid $12.

Laura: He says, GET THIS, they are too EURO looking! I have had them for ages, but now they are so , ewww, Euro.
I agree with you!!! What do they know!?!?!

Jenn: said...
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