Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Part 1

"Dude, who's this guy??"

I hope everyone had a great Halloween.
This year, I just did not seem to have the time to do all that I wanted, so our poor trick-or-treaters were the ones that suffered. I only bought 3 bags of candy, which is woefully inadequate for base housing!
I spent the afternoon at "work" as a pirate, giving out candy to small kids. The I raced home, scarfed down a lil pizza and transformed into a geisha. By that time all the candy was gone! Then John and I met up with friends to tour the 2 Haunted Houses on base. They were pretty good: scream worthy. After that, we went to a party at a guy's house on the beach- and we all talked about how much it sucked that married couples have to live on base, because his place was small, but gorgeous!
After that, most people went bar hopping, but John and I went home. I don't like to go out with a large group of already drunk Americans - it's bound to be embarrassing.
John and I both had to recycle old costumes, because the pickins were pretty poor here. However, we both had a great night.
I spent several evenings in October trying to get good Halloween pictures of the cats, but they were uncharacteristically uncooperative. And I wish I could have had time to carve our pumpkins. There are just not enough hours in the day lately!

Me as a geisha, John as a headless man, Sara as a fashion victim, and Ray as a Sith Lord!

John mixing costumes at the party.


Laura said...

Oh my gosh, John wasn't the guy on the white horse that went through my neighborhood, was he? LOL! Cute picture of Lancelot. Great looking Geisha!

A New England Life said...

Okay, first of all, what's with the guy in the background giving the peace sign? lol!

You look great as a Geisha girl Jenn! And I think it's great that you wear high heals even though they make you taller than John. Who by the way looks awesome as a headless man.

It does sound like time was tight for you. Such is life these days that's for sure. Why do married couples have to live on base?

Jenn: said...

Laura: I swear, swear Lancelot is ALWAYS cute! He should have his own reality show ;0)
Of course I am sure Calvin, Samoa, Luna, and Phin could as well!!!!!

Sharon: I know that was hilarious=the peace guy!

John is used to me being taller in heels (we are the same height).

Jenn: said...

Married couples HAVE to live on base because there are lots of houses free for it.
But single dudes get places out in town that would cost A FORTUNE in CA.
Beach front!
Huge patios!
3 bedrooms!