Saturday, October 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Ashley & James

Saturday the 27th, I am going to a Bday party for my cousin, Alicia's 2 kids. James and Ashley have Bdays close enough to have a one for all.
I am so going in the bouncy house, too!
Grandma in CO used to watch Ashley when I lived with her, and I always said I would not have kids, if they did not look just like Ashley with blond curls and brown eyes and tan skin and total drama queen persnality.
She is perfect.
James is such a boy's boy. He is sweet but crazy and nonstop. We usually just end up sitting back and watching whatever he is doing for entertainment.
So it's early, but Happy Bday Ashley and James!!!
And to Aunt Hilda (Alicia's mom) on the 26th (oooh, full moon and bday. that'll be fun.)

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Ashley as a Beauty Queen

Me & James & Ashley

At my house recently feeding ducks

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