Thursday, June 26, 2008

Duck, Duck, Book

A boy came running up to his mother in the backyard. "Mama, Mama, there is someone at the door with a bill!" "Don't worry dear," she said, "it's probably just a duck."
Cheesey, yes. But I heard that joke ages ago and it has never left me. I can still be sitting by myself, think of it, and say, ""
Ever since then, I noticed jokes with ducks in them are just funnier! Why? Because they usually just go for the funny value of the duck and make very little sense otherwise.
For years, I cannot get the idea out of my mind that I have always wanted to write a Duck Joke Book. A small one, clean jokes, with illustrations. I still think of it to this day, but I have a hard time building a good duck joke bank to pick from.
So if you know any, send them to me, and if I use it, I promise to thank you in my book!


Laura said...

Isn't it strange the things that get in your head? A Duck Joke book - I can honestly say I've never thought about writing one! If I hear any good duck jokes, I'll be sure to pass them along. Love the cat picture!

Jenn here: said...

Thanks Laura!

I have not seen a Duck Joke Book, but there is a guy writing a Duck Goes into a Bar Joke Book!

I guess I am not the only nutter out there! :D