Monday, August 25, 2008

Mago Waves "Hi"

Check out his claws! He has gotten me bad in the last few days, but it has not been fault. I was trying to steal his lil fuzzy mice at the time.
He has huge claws and huge teeth, but he is so gentle.
This morning he slept in my hair. He is getting to be more relaxed and personable.
And I taught him to sit for treats! Hehe. It can be done!
Sorry this is blurry. All my pics seem to come out blurry now. It is very frustrating. I have been trying to be more patient and let the camera focus before snapping the picture, but it seems the cats are always blurry.


Laura said...

Those are some wicked nails, Mago! Time for a trim - have you tried that on your own yet, Jenn? Most of mine are very good - Gleek is the worst. Ted usually holds and I do the clipping.

Jenn: said...

Mago is pretty good. if he sees treats sitting next to me, his focus is on that. It's Lancelot we can't do a thing with. He is a biter.