Thursday, October 23, 2008

Malaga Trip: Part 2, Alcazaba The Fortress

Alcazaba means fortress in Arabic, and that is what this place is!

It is a giant palace/fortress high up on a hill overlooking the entire city. It is somewhat of a hike to wander through the walking roads, gardens, patios, and outdoor rooms. The inside has been gutted over the years, and it is off limits to the public, but you don't feel that you miss anything at all by staying outside.

John said it is the most interesting thing he has seen yet in Spain!

It was built by the Moores in the 8th century, but most of it was built in the 11th century. According to Wikipedia, it is the best preserved alcazaba in Spain.

Remember Bishop's Castle in CO (HERE and HERE) ? I was reminded of Bishop's castle by the Alcazaba's meandering, sort of random architecture and by the way it will lead you to a place and suddenly you will be on a ledge with a giant drop down. You have to keep your eyes OPEN here! Of course, Alcazaba is a million times bigger and STURDIER than Bishop's castle.

(The next post will also be on the Alcazaba, but you can see all the pictures from Malaga HERE.)

There were tiny treasures all over the place if you kept your eye out for them. Inticate carvings, unique doorways, and symbols in walls and floors.

John looking cool. All doors in old buildings make you feel like a giant! Notice the no slip sign..they mean it! Over that lil ledge is a big drop!

Scary lil stairway that reminds me of Bishop's Castle.

No John, Obama wants bigger collumns for his next speech! ;0)

Morrocan/Indian store that John had to drag me out of kicking and screaming! I will be back soon to buy EVERYTHING!!!

One of the views of Malaga from the Alcazaba. That is the harbor in the far background with the cruise ship.
Enjoying another beautiful view of the city.

Beautiful floor mosiac

Beautiful Moorish Doorways

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