Monday, October 13, 2008

Scooter Shopping

John and I went a scooter shopping! Finalllllly! Eh?

This is the beauty that I picked out. Check out her site HERE!

I love it. It looks fast standing still, no?

Anyway, we will buy it next week, then it will take a week to get the registration from Cadiz, then we can take it home!

Then I have to take a moto-scooter class in order to legaly drive this baby on base.

After that, I will RARELY get behind the wheel again. I cannot wait!!! You know how I feel about cars. BTW, we still cannot go any further than Rota without sputting out black smoke, and we had a flat tire the other day. Cars need to be REPLACED. Horrrible investments if you ask me! And no one does. *sigh*



Laura said...

Please don't forget the helmet! Dang, do I sound like your mother? LOL!

Cara said...

I've been asking Andy to get me a scooter for a while now. A 2 seater so Rhiannon & I can scoot around town together!

Anonymous said...

I really like it! It suits you. Now please don't kill yourself on it!

Jenn: said...

Laura: helmets are a must. In SPain you only need a 1/2 one. Looks liek a bike one.

But to be on base, I will need a full helmet, so don't worry. MOL.

Cara: YOU SHOULD!!! Gas is cheap, and the thing is just plain FUN! I wanna yell Ciao when ever I see one!

Jess: No promises! I have heard of lots of accidents, but none that resulted in injury (excpet to pride). They just don't go that fast.

Marina said...

So jealous! I've been trying to talk the hubby into letting me get one when we get out there. MWA HAHAHAHA

Oh, and BTW, his sponsor FINALLY contacted him. Thanks for your reply, and sorry I didn't get back to you, I've been slammed.