Thursday, October 30, 2008

Working Woman

Hehe. Love this movie!

Update on the job:

For 3 years in Maryland, I answered phones, "MWR vet services". Suddenly, I have to answer it "MWR Fitness Center." The answer to your question? At least 4. That's how many times I have answered the gym phone as the vet! Every time the phone rings, I have to stop for 1 whole second and say Fitness Center in my head before I can pick it up. Other than that, things are going great.

I have not heard anything yet about the position I applied for: my job but full time (GS instead of NAF).

Following is the logo on my snazzy white polo shirt I get to wear to work. There are a couple problems with it. #1, it is white. I can't keep white, well, white! I have turned it blue, then stained it yellow, then red, then bleached most of it out, but now it has black marks that won't come off. I just can't keep white! #2, it is an extra large. I shrunk it some, but I look like a little kid in Grandpa's clothes. #3, I only have one, so I often end up wearing something else to work, because I just can't find enough things to wash with it that often. They say they will get more in different sizes and colors, but I am still waiting.

We are very into Halloween at the gym. Our theme is "Pirates of the Andalucian" and we are all decked out in pirate stuff. I have a pirate costume I wore last week to an event and I am wearing it again tomorrow. We have a booth where we will be giving out candy. It is more than a booth, but you will see, if I remember my camera tomorrow! (BTW, this is NOT my pirate costume.)


Laura said...

A too large white shirt - I feel your pain! And who wants to wear a bull on their boob anyway? Happy Halloween!

Jenn: said...

Right you are Laura! MOL!
The correct picture of that bull is made so that there is NO question that it is a bull- if you get me. Luckily the MWR logo covers THAT part!!!

A New England Life said...

Wow Jenn, I am so far behind!

The bull is on the boob area? For some reason I thought it was on the top of the sleeve. LOL! Whites can be tricky that's for sure. Hopefully the new styles will come in soon!

Okay, I'm on to the next post to see if you posted about the booth. What a pretty picture by the way : )